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Think of your brand as an identity. Who are you? What do you stand for? What is your image? Why should anyone care? These questions can be hard to explain, but necessary in order to build a strong brand. The goal is to make yours memorable, reliable, and trustworthy. MarketGrid is an expert at brand identity, and knows how to create one. First, you need a logo. The logo is your staple on the world, what will people recognize? Our team of designers are equipped with the talent and skills to create new logos, both unique and professional looking. Once that logo has been created/refreshed, it’s time to multiply and spread. This is where that logo starts to become the staple that holds your brand together. Take a look at the additional services our team can do for your brand.

  • • New Logo
  • • Logo Refresh
  • • Business Cards
  • • Buzz Cards
  • • Truck Wrap
  • • Letterhead
  • • Social and digital assets
  • • Print and digital advertising campaigns
  • • Social Media
  • • And more!
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Green Shield Home Branding Project

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