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New Feature!

New Feature! By Beth StrongNewsletters are one of the most effective ways to market to your customers. Your Market Grid premium account let’s you take advantage of this highly effective marketing method, right from your dashboard! You can change your font, add an image, change the color fields, add content boxes, add hyperlinks and so much more! The most advantageous way to learn about the newsletter capabilities is to explore the module. Start with a blank template and give the options located on the left hand side of the page a spin.

With so many possibilities, Market Grid wanted to offer more ways to get your newsletters seen and read; so we’ve added a new feature to your Email Marketing module. Now, you can post your Email Campaign to Facebook!
Here’s how it works: 1. Login to your Dashboard
2. Navigate to Social> Email Marketing
3. Select the campaign that you wish to share on Facebook from your recently sent email campaigns and click “Share on Facebook”

4.Type the message you wish to include in your post

5. Select the photo you wish to appear on the Facebook post

6. Finalize by clicking “Post to Facebook”
Keep in mind that our Market Grid Customer Service Department is available to you from Monday through Friday - 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time to help you with any questions, or guide you through your newsletter creation right over the phone. Also, be sure to check out some additional helpful references below! Always at Your Service, The Market Grid Customers Service Specialist Team 616-726-7100 * For help on adding images to your newsletters, check out our blog about this topic at: More Email Marketing Tips can be found on our Blog here: Increase Your Read Rate Instantly - Newsletters - The Email Marketing Module - For your Consideration: The Triggered Emails You Need to Make Your Marketing Automation Work - Marketing Superheroes - Helpful Dashboard Tips -

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Market Grid's Push technology platform bundles everything you need in one place. Schedule and manage your content and control where it goes. Engage, Track and Analyze your customers and connect with them instantly - through Email, (SMS) Text and Social Media Campaigns.

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